MkeyVision is an international entertainment outfit established due to the hunger for excellence in the entertainment industry. We have a passion to work with young talents on their way to self-discovery.
MkeyVision is an outfit which deals with talents who have what it takes to be the next big name in music, movies, modelling, comedy and dance because we specialise in artistes and casts management.
We are a multi-dimensional organisation/company on whose record label many artistes and actors are already making waves. Our outfit’s main aim is to bring out the best in talented individuals vis-à-vis our global exposure.
MkeyVision, which started many years ago , has good track record and history in artistes grooming, movie production and talent management.
We seek raw talents who are ready to be groomed into the finest version of themselves to come on board and work together in a proactive and stable environment with impeccable records and standard framework in achieving our vision as a foremost entertainment outfit.
Do you have what it takes to be the next superstar? Do you have the capacity to become a global phenomenon? If yes, join us today as we make history together.


To be a role model and reference point for other entertainment firms in delivering topnotch, crisp, informative and entertaining contents and grooming of the next globally recognised acts and talents.

Mission Statement

To be proactive in providing a sustainable platform for the growth and development of the entertainment industry through effective delivery of timely and authentic entertainment masterpieces and contributing our quota to the global pool in movies, music,comedy, fashion and modelling.

Key Values & Objectives

With our core values as accuracy, timely, unbiased and entertaining, we plan to be the best plug in delivering award winning films and movies, talents discoveries, artistes grooming through our record label and be at the fore-front of everything entertainment stands for.