Dangote; Visioniers Drops The Hit Finally

The VISIONERS, a music group comprising of 5 new artistes who were discovered during the recently concluded music talent hunt show called ‘Hit The Note’ is set to drop their first single. Hit the Note is a talent hunt show put together by MkeyVision, an entertainment company with its parent body in New Jersey, USA and its main branch here is Lagos, Nigeria. The just discovered Visioniers comprising of 5 artistes; MacDavid TLJ, Gabbydee, Cecily, Psalmysings and Ckhrix are set to drop their new single title Dangote. Dangote is a song inspired by the 5 Contestants, it was a product of their grand finale where they were asked to write a song on a beat given to them by the academy.

The Visioniers are very tenacious and they bond together with their different unique niches that stand them out individually. 3 Of the 5 Contestants won in the Contest With Weynon Macdavid as the undisputed champion carting away with a 4 Million Naira record deal. Gabriel Okoh became the 1st Runner Up winning 2.5 Million Record deal and finally Martha Ugwu at 3rd runner up going home with 1Million Naira Record deal.

They are also working on their individual songs while working together as the 5 Finalists. The song Dangote will inspire listeners and create an aura of excitement. The energetic beat will compel you to move your feet and is a perfect fit for every dance floor. Watch out for Dangote by The Visioniers on all music and video platforms across the internet. Don’t forget to follow Mkeyvision on all social media platforms to get updates on new opportunities. See more pictures.

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Michael Eborson CEO of Mkeyvision Reinvents The Entertainment Industry In Nigeria.

Following the ongoing registrations for Hit The Note a reality talent hunt show, Michael Eborson Mkevision’s CEO has begun to reinvent the entertainment industry in Nigeria.
He has an inexplicable passion to aid struggling musicians and artists reach their goals in time. He has helped so many talents to archive their vision across the globe. He has worked in the entertainment industry for decades, first in Nigeria, Germany and now in the United States of America. He is working really hard with his team to see that talents in Nigeria are properly channeled in order to profit the artists and their communities at large. What better way to give back to society than that.

Michael Eborson is a philanthropist with a heart of a giver and is dedicated to the needs of others which is why his projects are focused on the giving end. Currently, his project Hit the Note which has become an internet sensation and has over a thousand registration has begun and auditions are about to commence at the Lagos Office of Mkeyvision Nigeria. This initiative is to give the upcoming artists a chance to hit the limelight at the expense of Mkeyvision. All the artiste is required to do is Hit The Note. In the video below, he made a commitment to artists to use the Mkeyvision platform called Beyond Artistry to support artists as well, Stating that talent is not enough. Beyond Artistry is an artiste for artiste help initiative, designed to make artists help other artists grow while growing themselves.

About Micheal Eborson
Michael Eborson, the CEO of Mkeyvision, an entertainment, transport and humanitarian organisation/company with head office in the United States of America (USA) and a branch office in Lagos, Nigeria.

Born in Uromi, Edo State to Mr and Mrs Thomas and Margret Ebor who were both entertainers, Michael was raised in Kaduna State where he had his primary education at L.E.A Primary school before the family moved to Edo state. He had his secondary education at Edokpolo Grammar school and proceeded to the popular Ebor Institute of Vocational Studies where he obtained a diploma in Business Administration. His career started early after secondary school when he got connected with Jake Solo, an A-list music producer at that time and recorded his debut album which was marketed by Eco Records Onitsha, Anambra State. After then, he started his sojourn to France where he met and worked with a German producer before he later moved to Germany.

In Germany, he proceeded to Hoch Schule fur Music, a University meant to train musicians and artists. While in school he formed a band called Rastabazasta, a band that became a household name in Bayern and played concerts around Europe.

Michael Eborson built a recording studio and 2 nightclubs in Germany, where he recorded a couple of bands and also featured them in his nightclubs.

Michael Eborson came back to Nigeria to establish an entertainment outfit which he called Mebson Productions and produced movies like Rage, Not My Child among others and also signed and produced artists like Goldenman, Kcollinz e.t.c

Michael Eborson then left Nigeria for the USA where he now sits the company, Mkeyvision with a branch in Lagos, Nigeria. Michael is a multi-talented singer, music producer, editor, astute businessman, an outstanding mentor and role model for many and a motivator.

If you would like to participate in the ongoing registrations for the talent hunt, visit mkeyvision.com/signup to register. For inquiry, send a mail to [email protected]


Melody By Meak Ace Drops On Mkeyvision Entertainment

Prolific Afro Beat Sensation Meak Ace drops another banger titled ‘Melody’ Under his record label Mkeyvision Entertainment. The song, which is as usual a blend of Afro beats,stands high above other songs within the same genre.

His last song, Beremole trended for weeks across all social media and digital streaming platforms and got several impressions on IG, Twitter, TikTok and Facebook. It became highly demanded. Dancers couldn’t wait to add it to the list of songs they used for dance content.

Meak Ace has a unique touch on music, every piece put together by him is a potential hit and he spared no moments doing same with his new banger, Melody.

Melody simply stands out. It is a song that talks about party life in Lagos and welcomes fans to Naija. The partying and sight seeing in Lagos as described in the song is one of the reasons why the song cuts across all sectors including tourism. Melody is a danceable song that will make you move your body to its upbeat  rythm.

Melody drops along with its official video that will be on YouTube. Details about his shows and booking is on the record label, MkeyVision Entertainment’s official website.  www.mkeyvision.com

To stream the song visit

for more information
visit www.mkeyvision.com
@mkeyvisionentertainment on IG and FB

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Watch Video Below


Mkeyvision Entertainment Enters The Music Industry

Mkeyvision Entertainment has entered the music industry in Nigeria. Their entrance did not go unnoticed. First they launched their Artist Meak Ace to limelight with Beremole that trended for months on social media.

With the skill and business acumen possesd by the CEO Mr Mike Eborson who has been a player in the music industry since 80s, Beremole became a subject of high demand especially among dancers as they used the song for various content.

Today MkeyVision Entertainment has launched yet another banger titled Melody unveiling their Artist ‘ Meak Ace once again.

Meak Ace who has been with the record label for quite sometime now has dropped 2 singles melody included on MkeyVision Entertainment platform. Both songs has quality visuals produced along with them.

The record label is also seeking to reach more talents like Meak Ace in order to showcase them to the world through  it’s platform. One of such platforms is “Hit The Note” a reality music contest,  “The Afro Battle” and lots of other projects.

This  year, plans have been made to reach as many talents as possible through these talent hunts and shows.

To find out more about Mkeyvision Entertainment, visit our official website, www.mkeyvision.com
also follow MkeyVision on FB & IG @mkeyvisionentertainment.

Stream Melody by Meak Ace here

Watch the official video here


Count Down Begins for Melody

After a series of deliberations with MkeyVisions team, a count down has been set to drop the latest song by our Artiste; Meak Ace. The song is titled Melody . A party song with the potential to get your groove on. The count down is set to begin 29th on December as the song is scheduled to drop on the 2nd of January 2022. Follow our social media handles to be the first to receive updates about the release.

Win lots of prize in the (5)

Meak Ace Concludes his Dance Challenge

The Challenge that started early in November finally came to an end with 3 winners emerging. Prizes were given to the winners of the contest by the representatives of Mkey Vision Entertainment. All the winners were excited as they post appreciation videos, showering accolades on Mkey vision and Meak Ace for making their Christmas season memorable.

Below are the last of winners who made it .

beremole-dance-challenge (1)

Mkeyvision drops Beremole dance Challenge with lots of prices

The song “Beremole”takes flight with its recently lunch video, the company has decided to apply a fast way for the audience to participate in the song. The challenge which will last for a month is taking place today on social platforms like Tiktok and Instagram. Here is the instruction for participants.

The Challenge is on!!! The #Beremoledancechallenge. If you got what it take to jump on this opportunity and be the top winner of our 3 prizes then here’s your chance. You can Twerk, shake, Twist or just freestyle but what ever you do, don’t get your eyes off the prize.

Get the song from any streaming platform or YouTube, Like and comment @Meak Ace and do a 15 to 30secs dance video of the chorus. Put it on TikTok, Instagram or both platforms. Get your friends to react to your video. The highest reactions wins.
The Prizes are:
50k 1st Prize
30k. 2nd Prize
20k. 3rd Prize
Don’t forget to tag @meakacey and use the #beremoledancechallenge


Mkey Vision Releases Beremole Video

Afro Hip-hop sensation “Meak Ace who thrilled us with his mind blowing single “Beremole” has dropped a video for the song. The video just like the song is full of life. It was released by his management and record label Mkey Vision Entertainment. The Company doubles as his management and handles all aspects of his […]


Get the Lyrics Of Beremole

Beremole lyrics Intro (Turn up little) Meak Acey MkeyVision VERSE 1 Elenu ma ri ma je Elenu ma ri ma so Elenu ma ri ma je ooh ooh ooh uh ooh uh ye Abeg make we throw somethings away oooh (ooh) x2 (Pre chorus) The problem plenty My eyes don dirty Wentin Man!!! Never see […]

Radio tour ammended

Meak Ace Begins Radio Tour

As the song Beremole begins to gain acceptance across various platforms, it was only necessary for radio stations and on air personalities to jump on it granting air play on a regular basis. This brought about a constant demand on Meak Ace presence as fans began to call various radio stations to grant them audience with their Artist Meak Ace.

This made the record label to work on setting up a radio tour where he was able to speak to various on air personalities about his life and career. In one of the interviews, a lot of fans called to have a one on one with him, asking him various questions. Although the tour was cut short due to the release of the official video, it was a wonderful experience for our artiste and his fans.

Below is a few collection of the videos taken from some radio Interview.