Psalmdavid Ekpo

Head of Publicity, Content Creation and PR

Psalmdavid Ekpo is the founder of Gospel media Arena Network (GMA Network) One of the fastest growing media networks with variety of gospel related activities and projects. He is also the founder of Creator’s Content Hub a large hub of content creators (CChub) spread across Africa which also has an academy to train creators across Africa.

He is a Gospel Artist and worship leader with a track record of successful stories over the years.He has measured in the creative and media space for over 20 years and has worked with a lot of other talents in the industry. He is a very skillful, hardworking and creative person when it comes to Content Creation, Multi Media,Audio Visual Production and Digital Marketing. Those and more are the fields he has come to master over the years. He has contributed to the media through visuals, copy writing, graphics, animations and music, using Various platforms.

He is also a seasoned publicist and PR person who has helped shoot quite a number of talents in the music and film industry to lime light, one of such artiste is the popular Wonderkid, Ozzybosco who is one of African’s finest kid artist as at time.

Psalmdavid has acquired so many certificate in many relevant fields especial in the film and music areas. He also has quite a number of certificates in business and publicity related issues. He has used the knowledge he acquired to help in building many brands and networks across the country and at large. He has also trained many small and medium businesses how to build affordable marketing systems and reach their audience without excess spending.

He has also been part of many humanitarian projects across the country either as a convener or voluntary participant. Most of the projects are;

Soro Soke Skill Acquisition

He is part of the organizing team of one of the most successful skill acquisition programs. Lots of young people were empowered with various skills and incentives to further their careers. It’s a continuous project that takes place 4 quarters of the year.

Free Content Creators Empowerment program

He organized a free training and empowerment program to train young people on how to create content. its is a seasonal program that he keeps doing, meanwhile he just completed 2 seasons last year. one can join through the website where students enroll to be trained for free on how to be content creators.

Agaja Medical Outreach

This is probably the most touching project for him and he still hopes to carry it out again. The people of Agaja live in the remote area of Ojo Lagos surrounded by water which is their only means of transportation. They don’t have electricity or infrastructures. A missionary who has lived there with his family for 26years is the one responsible for the schools in that area. He tried to build schools for them, though the schools are currently in a dilapidated state. He and his team went there in 2017 with a medical outreach to ensure that they were medically sound. Some of the things he took care of was eye infections, blood pressure, de-worming of the children of 1 to 17 years and medical counseling for mother’s. The outreach lasted for 3days. It was a beautiful experience.

TKH Film Academy

This project was designed to empower would be actors, directors, editors, producer and visual effects specialist. It was a 3 month rigorous exercise where participants were grouped to create their own short movies after the training and the exercise was rewarding.

Y2K Medical Outreach Kwamba

This Outreach took place in Kwamba in the year 2000. He was just young with other lads trying to make a difference. He was 20 years old while most of his friends were teenagers. They came together to create the Y2K group that was responsible for taking care of eye issues. They sourced for funds and volunteers especially in the medical field to organize small outreaches around suleja. The major one that is memorable was the one that took place in Kwamba. They were able to reach a lot of people majorly eye cases, high blood pressure and diabetes counseling. It lasted for 3 days and was very rewarding.

He has also published quite a number of magazines and articles. Some of the articles and magazines he has published are for Gospel Media Arena Network. The magazine is called GMABUZZ Magazine, a gospel magazine which currently has an enormous amount of readers online. He is also the publisher of book articles for content creators.

Psalmdavid is a Nigerian, Married and currently lives in Lagos Nigeria with his wife and their lovely son.